6 Tips To Boost Twitter Marketing For Your Brand

We love Twitter.

It’s one of the most fast-paced, fun, engaging, and sassy forms of social media… all the things we love! However, Twitter can also be a challenge for many as it takes a decent understanding to effectively break through the initial bore of its simplicity.
Every brand knows the importance of Social Media Marketing. They realize that it’s crucial to engage their audience frequently and in a fascinating way. They launch their Twitter account and remain at a steady 47 followers for the next few months. They connect their Instagram and Facebook accounts to their Twitter for automatic posts and add a few text posts here and there. They think Twitter is obsolete because no one cares about their tweets and begin neglecting it all together.
This is the tragic tale of so many brands and their experience with Twitter. We want to change that tale.
Twitter can be a POWERFUL way to promote and interact with your people! This article is aimed at teaching our favorite, most essential tips for Twitter growth and engagement.
Endymion is pushing your brand out of the nest to so that your tweets can fly! Get ready!

1. Get Visual!

Twitter is a very visual platform with its native photo and video viewers.

Twitter Statistic 94% Retweet Dan Zarrella

Studies show that images boost your retweets by 94%.

Side Note: Posts with links to Instagram (the posts that go automatically from Instagram to Twitter when you “share” it) have been proven 42% LESS likely to be retweeted. Furthermore, tweets with links to Facebook images (automatically shared) are found 47% LESS likely to be retweeted. Please don’t doom your tweets with this fate! Take the extra moment to upload the photo directly to Twitter. It’s well worth it.

Need help getting visual content?

  • Buffer has once again come up with solutions to our problems. They’ve put together a list of 53 sources for free images (here)
  • Buffer ALSO created an easy program called PABLO for creating your own text/images in seconds.
  • Our recent obsession is Death To Stock Photos. This is a site that sends you packs of amazing royalty free photos. It’s just wonderful.
  • Finally, Canva can help make even the least creative person into a graphic designer. They focus more on the visual message than the image but if you’re looking for an inexpensive, do it yourself, way to beautifully display (and perfectly format) text, check out Canva.

Twitter tip-images-img



2. Be Consistent!

Nearly as important as tweeting ultra-compelling content is tweeting consistently.

Consistency is a make-or-break factor in the success of your social media strategy. If you’re not tweeting on a regular basis you have no voice in the ever-tweeting feed.
Post multiple times a day to reach the most users.
Don’t be afraid to post the same (good) content multiple times in a week or month because different user groups are online at different times and you’ll connect with more people over time!
A useful tool for scheduling tweets is Buffer App. It allows you to set post times on a schedule (and to analyze tweet performance). This is very helpful in keeping consistent but not letting Twitter take over your life.

twitter tip-consistency



3. Follow for Follow

There is an unwritten rule in the Twitterverse: “You follow me? I follow you.”

There is a broadly recognized mindset on Twitter that if someone follows you, you should follow them back.
This is helpful for you to know because when your brand follows those in your target audience, most likely many of those users will follow you back!
This begs the question, “HOW do I find my target audience on Twitter!?”
One of the best ways to find “your people” on Twitter is to follow users who are following another brand that attracts the same demographic, or a thought-leader on the subject.
If you’re a clothing brand looking to target fun, active, college-age females, go to the Twitter account of Victoria’s Secret’s PINK and follow the users who are already following @VSPink.
This will help you find the people who you know already like the things you will be tweeting about.

twitter tip-follow-followers



4. Keep it short!

Studies find that a tweet with approximately 100 characters (like this sentence!) get more retweets!

Twitter is becoming increasingly fast paced. Users are seeking quick, eye-catching, useful tweets. When a tweet is longer than 100-115 characters, there is no room for pictures or comments when retweeting (or “quote tweeting”), making it far less likely to be shared.


Less is more. And (bonus tip!) using a short quote or statistic is also proven to be highly-retweetable content!
Here’s a list of over 100 quotes with less than 140 characters! Try it for yourself!
Overall, just don’t try so hard. Have fun, keep it simple, and give your followers the amazing tweets they want!

twitter tip short tweet



5. #hashtags

I once had a conversation with my friend’s engineer father who was baffled by the brilliance of categorizing and indexing every piece of information we post online. He’s right! It is an absolutely amazing and invaluable tool to be able to insert your brand in a conversation to which it is relevant and has a built in audience. USE THIS!
The history of the hashtag is very interesting! If you want to read about it, check out this article.
Studies by Buddy Media have shown that although only 24% of tweets have hashtags, use of one or two hashtags increases the engagement rate by 21%, but that more than 2 hashtags had a significant decrease in engagement.


Clearly, your brand needs to be using hashtags! Here’s our best tips for picking the right one (or two):

  • Use common hashtags to participate in an ongoing conversation, but be sure to add value to that conversation.
  • If you’re creating your own hashtag, keep it simple and use it consistently across multiple media platforms and in marketing materials.
  • Check out Twitter’s awesome article on how to choose a hashtag, here.


  • One of our favorite examples of a brand’s excellent hashtagging is Darling Magazine’s #thatsdarling and #darling weekend. They’ve created a lifestyle hashtag with which their people can tag photos that are consistent with the values and esthetics that Darling Magazine holds dear. Check it out here! It’s quite inspirational.

Twitter Tip Hashtag


6. Pin your tweets!

Pin your most popular tweets to the top of your feed and watch engagement skyrocket!

This was one Twitter fact that recently took us by surprise and it has rocked our world!
Pinning a well-performing or important tweet to the top of your feed for a period of time leads to significantly higher engagement than unpinned tweets. This is because anytime a user visits your account page, the pinned tweet is the first tweet they see from you, regardless of the amount of time that has passed since you tweeted it.
Simply visit your Twitter feed on the web, click on the “… / more” icon on the far right of the bottom of your chosen tweet, and click “pin to my profile page.” The pinned tweet will remain there until you unpin it or pin a new tweet.

how to pin to Twitter

Kevan Lee’s Buffer article touted a consistent 600% increase in engagement on pinned tweets. There’s no arguing with that statistic.




The final reminder we want to leave with you is to be true to who you are! It sounds super cheesy but it’s all about branding.

We love this quote from Rachel Quin: “Always think about the purpose of your tweets. Are you sharing awesome information with your followers? Promoting your latest blog post? Talking about a current event? Keeping your tweets focused, interesting and relevant will dramatically increase of your tweets being retweeted by your community.”
Lots of love to all our followers! We hope this post will give you the wings you need to fly on your own and tweet like a boss.

Oh yeah! Follow us on Twitter! 😉 @EndymionLA
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