A Year Of Dreams: A Birthday Review of Our First Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dreamhouse is turning 1!

It has been a year full of inspiration, challenges, growth, and dreams realized. Join us on a little journey reviewing all of the wonderful people and goals we met during our first year!

First, let’s take a big-picture look at the numbers just for fun!


We’ve spent our first year accomplishing so many amazing projects and goals we’ve set for ourselves and our clients. It’s fun to look back on the early days last year and remember the struggle we had coming up with the branding for our business! We spent the better parts of October and November deciding on a name and the subsequent months developing our logo and website, and other branded materials (printed by our fave’s at A Fine Press). Each of these milestones were fun (and often excruciating) to develop and gave us such an appreciation for how personal the branding process can be. Now we get deep satisfaction from working through this intimate process with our clients!


The Dream Team

2016 was a year of building for the Dream Team, starting out with Katherine. She officially joined Dreamhouse as our Social Media Marketing Manager (though she was an integral part of the brand LONG before we even became a company). Her tireless dedication to refining our social media strategies has proven vastly beneficial for each of our clients. Dreamhouse would not be the same without her. We’ve worked closely with Nathan Tarasiuk as our Web Designer and loved every minute of it. Nathan is ridiculously talented and patient. He understands our vision for Dreamhouse so well and executes each web project with excellence. We were happy to take a Spring Intern from Cuyahoga Community College’s business program: Leon Corell. We enjoyed teaching him more about the industry. Finally, even in the past month, we’ve been thrilled to continue expanding our team! We just brought Rudy Slama‘s insane graphic design and illustration skills into our brand design team. The lovely Claire Weix has also recently joined our squad! Her impeccable taste, strategic perspective, and sassy personality contribute to our team dynamic and the work we are doing with our clients.



Aside from the growth we’ve experienced in the last year, the true victory has been seeing our CLIENTS grow! Each company and individual that has entrusted their brand to us has been an honor to work with. Here are a few highlights:

Six Shooter Coffee

Six Shooter started with us in January 2016 on a modest budget. We worked with them to develop some of their branding, social media presence, and marketing strategy. As owner Peter Brown prepared for his coffee shop’s Grand Opening on Waterloo in March, he also brought us in to coordinate the festivities. We were able to promote the event effectively and bring over 300 people to his opening night! It has been incredible to watch his presence grow online (over 7,100 followers on Social Media) and his reputation in the US coffee industry flourish. They have doubled their marketing budget 3 times this year! As they’ve grown, we’ve grown with them! Peter is one of the hardest working men we’ve ever met and his perseverance and commitment to the hustle inspires us daily.


Luff Orthodontics

We’ve worked with this charming orthodontics office based in Anchorage, Alaska since day 1 of our business. As the Social Media community managers for their office, Dreamhouse has honed in a strategy for engaging with current patients, building a reputation of trust around the state of Alaska, and developing a path for increased referrals through Social Media. We have especially loved helping them develop highly engaging content like lip-sync battles, giveaways, and Facebook Live competitions! Helping their team make Alaska smile has been incredibly rewarding.

Felipe Brito

Felipe is the nicest human being on the planet. As a Brazilian-born, classical trombonist, he wanted to break out of the mold and create a website that packed the punch and personality of the music he plays… Challenge accepted! We’ve had such a great time collaborating with local artist Michael Marefka on a custom, Brazilian-inspired mural, and photographer Jacqueline Bon to shoot photos of Felipe for his new website to be launched later this year! This project has been so unique and we look forward to the end result. Stay tuned!


Brand Design and Development

We’ve worked on a number of awesome, creative branding projects with some fantastic individuals and businesses. Some of our work has included logo designs for Palm’s Produce (in Minnesota), Swept Away Cleaning Service (in Florida), and The Wonder Chamber Project locally in CLE. We’ve worked on websites for Six Shooter Coffee, Felipe Brito, and Larry Fielder. Designing promotional materials and graphics for all of our clients has also been exciting. We’ve even built our consultation services through our work with King Bear Art and others. Each of these clients has presented a new set of creative challenges and we’ve been touched through our experience with each one.


We would like to say THANK you.

Thank you to our past and current clients who trust us with their brands. Thank you to our families who support us constantly. Thank you to our mentors who answer all of our questions and give us sound counsel. Thank you to our friends who put up with all the social media posts about our business …and even share them with your people! Thank you to all the folks who have told their friends about our services.

We’re humbled, grateful, and excited. This first year has been a whirlwind but one that has set us up for a bright future. Happy Birthday to Dreamhouse! Here’s to a new year of empowering others to build their dreams!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Dreamhouse can help your brand succeed, please click HERE and we’ll be in touch shortly!
By Mallory Phillips

Mallory is a native of southwest Florida where she was raised and homeschooled for 18 years. Her unique, personalized and independent education continued in college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles where she graduated with an honors degree in Visual Communications. Planning events and creative projects began early in Mallory’s life. As a teenager she was creating programs for her community, coordinating local concerts and fundraisers, participating in international internships and running conferences for national organizations. This passion to help others through “outside-the-box” solutions began to make an impact in Los Angeles as she worked freelance for international non-profit organizations, Beverly Hills corporations, marketing firms and Hollywood event planners. In 2013 Mallory, along with two partners, opened an event planning company, which she auspiciously ran until 2015. During her 4 years in Los Angeles she gained a strong and distinct perspective that led to a remarkable aptitude for marketing. In the Fall of 2015, she decided to step out on her own and pursue her growing passion for marketing in Cleveland: The Land of Dreams.

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