Rust Belt Riders: Two Dudes on a Mission for Change

At the start of this new year at Dreamhouse we’ve been thinking a lot about two topics: Business people who inspire us and the brand values that motivate and drive a company. This week we started working with a new client that epitomizes both #EntrepreneurGoals AND #BrandPhilosophyGoals! Meet Dan Brown and Michael Robinson, co-founders of Rust Belt Riders, and the most genuine entrepreneur’s I’ve yet encountered. They are working hard, doing big things, and we are incredibly thrilled to support their journey. Working with Rust Belt Riders is such a privilege because seeing Dan and Michael operate every facet of their business from a place of intrinsic conviction and passion is an inspiration, to say the least!


Image by Jacqueline Bon

The WHY behind Rust Belt Riders

To fill you in a bit on what these guys are about, here’s a little statistic for you:

Approximately 40% of all food grown in the United States never gets eaten.

Rust Belt Riders takes discarded food turns it into a value-added product, like compost, or food for farm animals! They are changing the game. By giving companies ethical ways to dispose of food waste, educating the public, and supporting local sustainability initiatives, these guys are growing their business and making a real difference in the world.  WATCH THIS VIDEO!

As if, helping the economic, social, environmental and food systems of Northeast Ohio (and beyond!) isn’t enough… these guys are the real deal. They inspire me SO deeply because this is not just a solid business concept on which they’re capitalizing. For both of them, it’s a real, personal mission to change the conversation and see tangible change!

Fun Fact!

One thing (of many) that Rust Belt Riders and Dreamhouse have in common is that we share a very special client, Six Shooter Coffee, who composts their food waste with RBR! As an example of the impact even one business can make through the ethical disposal of food can be seen here:

In 2016 Six Shooter Coffee produced 4161 lbs of food waste which RBR turned into 5 cubic yards of compost, consequently avoiding 12 tons of greenhouse gas emissions!

We love that our whole squad of clients is connected and committed to making a difference TOGETHER!



This morning in my meeting with Dan, I consulted on the development of new, branded literature that will help to raise awareness for their greater mission and support their sales and fundraising initiatives. In the coming weeks we will be developing, writing, and designing these promotional materials for them to use as 2017 Finalists in the International “Food + City” Business Challenge in Austin, Texas next month!

We’re humbled and grateful for the opportunity to work with such incredible human beings and be a part of their greater goals.


By Mallory Phillips

Mallory is a native of southwest Florida where she was raised and homeschooled for 18 years. Her unique, personalized and independent education continued in college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles where she graduated with an honors degree in Visual Communications. Planning events and creative projects began early in Mallory’s life. As a teenager she was creating programs for her community, coordinating local concerts and fundraisers, participating in international internships and running conferences for national organizations. This passion to help others through “outside-the-box” solutions began to make an impact in Los Angeles as she worked freelance for international non-profit organizations, Beverly Hills corporations, marketing firms and Hollywood event planners. In 2013 Mallory, along with two partners, opened an event planning company, which she auspiciously ran until 2015. During her 4 years in Los Angeles she gained a strong and distinct perspective that led to a remarkable aptitude for marketing. In the Fall of 2015, she decided to step out on her own and pursue her growing passion for marketing in Cleveland: The Land of Dreams.

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