Oh boy, this is a topic that we all are quite familiar with. It feels as if we are tackling challenges and extinguishing fires every. single. day. That’s probably because we are.

A huge aspect of being a part of any business is understanding that obstacles are constantly going to be put in your way. Success wouldn’t be fiercly sought after if it was easily achievable. As business owners and team leaders, it is our job to make sure that we not only conquer these challenges, but also maintain high morale within our team. Sometimes cultivating positivity within a team can feel even more impossible than the challenge itself!

So what are some ways we can preserve high spirits within the business teams, while dealing with difficult obstacles?


The Dream Team put together a little collection of tips and perspectives to utilize the next time your business goes through a rough patch (believe us when we say we speak from experience)

Be honest, but not too honest

Think back to a time when you had to break some unfortunate news to a friend or family member. You probably did not begin the conversation with the bad news itself. Instead, you eased into it in order to subtle the blow. Although honesty is crucial in building trust within a team, sometimes being too honest can cause unnecessary worry and doubt. When your business is going through a troublesome season, call a team meeting and describe to your employees what is going on. Your tone will define the effect of the conversation. Communicate to your team that although there may be adjustments within the company, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Ensuring that your employees leave the meeting feeling motivated and assured will avoid any possible apprehension and confusion.

Provide constant encouragement

A universal characteristic of the Millennial generation is that this generation requires a plethora of support. No, we do not need to be babied, but yes, we do need to know when we are doing something right. As a leader, it is important to remind your team of why you hired them–because they are warriors. Implement a praise program in the office to establish a positive environment and high morale.  Crush the negative, competitive, selfish mentality with encouragement, friendliness and community!  

Lead by example

Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but team leaders set the tone for their team. One of the most difficult aspects of leading a team is keeping it all together, even when everything is falling apart. The team leader’s behavior and attitude will define how their team responds. Dealing with a major crises? Stay calm and solve it. Think about how you would want your employees to respond to a certain situation, then respond in that manner.
Leaders need support too! Teaming up with a business mentor is a great way to talk through difficult situations or gaining insight on your business. You can also join a local or online mastermind group for entrepreneurs like Rising Tide Society!


At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that these people, your team, are working hard for you every day because they BELIEVE in you. They believe in the vision, the product, the service, the leadership, the community, the lifestyle…they have your back. Those rough, unknown, vulnerable moments during a company’s life are scary, but they are the moments for the ultimate trust fall. Lean on your employees during those seasons. That’s what they are there for. 

So, don’t you dare wave your surrender flag. We are all here to fight the good fight, to support the success of small businesses. Conquer the challenges and be humbled by the successes. Continue to pursue your ultimate dreams for your company with your team following behind you.

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