Locking Down Your Workflow

You might have a lot of things in common with your work buddies but… you also probably have huge differences in how to get motivated and stay productive. Our team has spent some time figuring out what our prime work modes are and how to make the most of our focus and skills. By locking down our most efficient workflows, we have learned so much about ourselves and each other!

But we don’t stop at our team. We want to help YOU find your natural workflow and give you the resources to maximize your strengths. To do that, we created this quick quiz that will give you a jump start on figuring out how you work best. We really want to know what YOUR optimal mode is!


Ok, perfect. You’ve zeroed in on your natural work style! Now shimmy on down and read more about your workflow result. Also, check out some resources we’ve hand-picked to help you maximize your time and energy to have productive workflow results!


Learn how to unleash your most efficient self!

When it comes to your workload, you are a self-motivated powerhouse. Some may say “You are your worst enemy,” but instead you don’t hold yourself back from being as productive as possible. You don’t like to be bothered while working, which is why you station yourself in your office. Your workday starts with a good look over your daily to-do list and your motivation Spotify playlist ready to play. You zone in and charge through your to-do list, accomplishing all of your priorities without batting an eye. Soon enough, you have completed all of your tasks, just in time for happy hour! More resources can be found here.



You are usually the Chatty Cathy on the team. You like to hash out ideas, strategize projects and work through edits with your team, rather than by yourself. You develop many of your ideas just by conversations with others! You work best on your own schedule and set your own deadlines for clients and always get it done, you just like to work when it fits best with your day. More resources can be found here.





Your spirit is inspired and your mind is fresh with ideas. You work best alone and in a secluded setting where you can tap into your creative juices and create something amazing. Lists and plans really aren’t your cup of tea, but rather, you prefer to seize the moment and tackle tasks as they come. Your best workflow comes when it’s just you, your favorite cup of tea, a comfy chair and your mind filled with ideas. More resources can be found here.




You don’t usually bother working in a public space because, let’s face it, people watching is far more entertaining than your to-do list. In order to be productive, you like to work in your own office or space— a place where you can zone in, organize your thoughts, map out the big picture objectives and get to work. When it comes to your projects, you must see clear goals for each project and then you can just tackle the tasks as they come to you.  And when your day is finished, there is nothing standing in between you and a glass of wine. More resources can be found here.



Your daily planner and notebook never leave your side throughout the day. Your productivity heavily relies on your daily lists and strategies. There’s nothing better than a cup of coffee,  fresh list and clear objective to get your mind ready for a productive day. As you work through your lists, you like to take on tasks in big time chunks with breaks and rewards in between (like that pint of ice cream in the freezer). When it comes to your ideal workspace, most days you work alone in your office but some days you like to venture to the local coffee shop for a boost of caffeine. More resources can be found here.



You can’t help yourself, you love to flutter to and from projects, always making new friends along the way. You are passionate about collaborating with others on projects and feeding off of each other’s creative inspiration. A structured workflow isn’t quite your forte, but rather, your best work comes as a result of less timeline and pressure but rather working on your own schedule. You prefer thinking on your feet and using your intuition when navigating and solving challenges. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, you are unstoppable and always looking for your next collaboration. More resources can be found here.


Working with a team is your JAM. You love a good team meeting, brainstorming ideas and mapping out a plan. When you are setting out to tackle your tasks, you grab a coffee, sit down and power through your list until it’s complete. There’s no rest for the weary. Structure and discipline empower you. You like to work in collaborative spaces like studios and coffee shops—places where you can focus in but also easily swap ideas and edits with others. Due to your workflow, it’s never a surprise that you are you a natural project or team leader. More resources can be found here.

What is your workflow style? Tell us in the comments!





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