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Fiesty. Thoughtful. Persistent. Brave. We’re constantly surrounded by so many inspiring entrepreneurs and as we are building our community of Dreambuilders we want to take time to showcase the real stories behind the brands. Not just the empowering soundbites… we want to share the candid, messy, vulnerable, hard, and victorious realities that these badasses face and overcome daily as they build something incredible.
This series of interviews is called “Experienced: Candid Interviews with our Favorite Entrepreneurs.”


Lora DiFranco, Founder and Creative Director of Free Period Press, collaborates with artists and designers to create products that help others unplug, recharge, and spark creativity. With an array of coloring books, postcards, prints, calendars, and more! She’s passionate about community and it shows throughout her work on Free Period Press. They’ve created political postcards to make it a little easier to reach out to your elected officials. They’ve released products like the Self Care Index, Habit Calendar, and Schedule Magic to help get your passionate juices flowin’. Each product has a different use but all connect to the idea that if we’re all taking care of ourselves, it’ll be that much easier to take care of each other.

What made you take the leap of faith to start a business?

Mine was more of a baby step than a leap… I had an idea for a product that I wanted to see in the world (the original Free Period coloring book), so I asked some friends to make it with me. That got me started, and it’s been a series of baby steps since then.

Why do you love what you do?

Habit Calendar created by Free Period Press

I get to partner with amazing artists and designers to create products that hopefully help people live more thoughtful and creative lives.

What is your ultimate dream for your business?

I love that my biz dreams evolve as my business does. Right now it’d be to provide fulfilling careers for a small team of dedicated folks while continuing to publish meaningful products.

What defines your success as a business owner?

Being proud of the products that we release.

Share one challenge you have faced and how you overcame it!

Collaborating with friends can be a tricky thing. I’ve learned a lot about setting clear expectations and keeping things pro so that your friendship isn’t put at risk.

What is the most important lesson you have learned about balancing your work life and your personal life?

Oh geez. A couple of things… One is that things come in ebbs and flows, so sometimes you just have to roll with the crazy-busy times, knowing that things will settle down eventually. The other, for me, is that if the Postcard by Free Period Presswork is actually giving me energy, I don’t worry about how “balanced” my life is. I have learned to schedule time for exercising, though. It’s an important break and helps keep me feeling good. Also, sleep. Sleep!

What piece of advice would you give to another business owner regarding the work/life balance?

I think the most important thing is to prioritize your business and personal goals. Let other, less important, things slide so that you’re not working all the time. For example, I’m focusing on wholesale this year, so I’m letting my social media activity take a backseat so that I can focus on reaching out to stores, etc. On the personal side, I prioritize family, sleep, and exercise, and have let go of going out to a lot of late-night shows, etc.

Anything else you want to share?

If you’re thinking about trying something, just start! Don’t overthink it… The end product will probably end up looking totally different than your original idea, but you won’t be able to evolve it until you get started and see what works. You can do it!

We loved Free Period Press’s last project, Schedule Magic, and now they are crowdfunding for their NEW project, Come Over All the Time! It is a creative guest book that you can look back on and remember the people who have made your home a warmer place. We believe in hospitality and how important it is in our communities and this new project takes hosting guests to another level! Join us in backing their Kickstarter!

Browse all of Free Period Press’s wonderful work here! Then, follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates, new products, and special announcements!


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