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Fiesty. Thoughtful. Persistent. Brave. We’re constantly surrounded by so many inspiring entrepreneurs and as we are building our community of Dreambuilders we want to take time to showcase the real stories behind the brands. Not just the empowering soundbites… we want to share the candid, messy, vulnerable, hard, and victorious realities that these badasses face and overcome daily as they build something incredible.
This series of interviews is called “Experienced: Candid Interviews with our Favorite Entrepreneurs.”


Samantha is the owner/founder of Venus in Aquarius Apothecary. The Apothecary was born from an interest in astrology and the sense that it helps you become more aware of your true self. In her own words, “Combining Astrology with Aromatherapy creates a potent combination for balance based on your signs light & shadow aspects. Using essential oil roll on blends, which have been carefully curated over a span of three years before being released, balance can be achieved by all your senses.” You can visit her Etsy shop, at a booth at The Cleveland Flea, and other events around the city! She’s a boss chick making her dreams come true! Read more of her expereince below!

What made you take the leap of faith to start a business?

It’s honestly just that, a leap of faith! I had a cool idea, something that kept me up late at night, something that I would plan and study and before I knew it, it was 2 am. I just had a vision to make a business out of it. Without expectation of how well my concept would be received or not. I never thought in a million years I would be a business owner, but I’m so happy I took the leap.

Why do you love what you do?

Sharing my love of plant medicine is something that has past life significance and genetic memory. Herbalism is the people’s medicine, and not exclusive to just one group of people. Which is why my mission is to offer a price range that is accessible/affordable to everyone. Astrology and further, If I can create products that inspire someone to live and encapsulate a balanced well-being and life, feel more aligned with their life’s purpose, feel beautiful inside and out, or experience a stronger connection to source, then I’m doing my job.

What is your ultimate dream for your business?

I would love to have a studio or brick & mortar eventually, one where I can host workshops and offer a safe space where other herbalists, healers, and the curious can come together to collaborate. In the future, I would love to have land to grow all my herbs that I use in my products as well. A more seed to seal practice and mission.

What defines your success as a business owner?

Going outside of your comfort zone, and accomplishing something that you never thought you could master. When someone takes time out of their day to personally message me about a product of mine they used, and how it’s worked wonders for them. That means the world to me. Success to me also means a huge emphasis on collaboration and community over competition.

Share one challenge you have faced and how you overcame it!

I think mine is one many lady bosses or small businesses can understand. Self-doubt and that negative voice in your head telling you that you’re wasting your time, and to stick with a safe secure job. To settle. It’s so easy to point blame at others and blame outside forces for setbacks, but the real challenge is affirming that you are enough, you are allowed to take up space, and that you are sharing your gifts and putting your unique imprint out there. Our mindsets are powerful.

What is the most important lesson you have learned about balancing your work life and your personal life?

Sometimes I feel like my business defines me, meaning it’s something that pre-occupies my time on the regular. In the beginning, all of my free time was spent working on my business. I realize now more than ever how I benefit from spending quality time with the friendships and relationships in my life. I have met some of the most inspirational and beautiful souls since starting this business, and doing something small like catching a yoga class or grabbing coffee/tea with someone is good for the spirit. Like yeah, I could make wholesale line sheets on a Friday night, or I could go out with friends that I haven’t seen in forever.

What piece of advice would you give to another business owner regarding the work/life balance?

Definitely, make time for you! And also to set times for when you’re in work mode and not. I think in this society we are so conditioned to “Hustle Harder”, especially in the self-employed world where you work at odd hours and work all hours of the day. But in my experience, taking time for myself and making a guideline to not answer an email or check my business Instagram after 6 pm has been crucial. When I dedicate certain time frames for my business, and solely business, I actually do a much better job.




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