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Dreamhouse is a brand design and marketing firm that partners with brands to cultivate their essential identity and develop strategies to engage their audience. We believe that each client is capable of growing the brand of their dreams.


Mallory Phillips Dreamhouse Marketing

Mallory Phillips

Owner / Founder

Hey there, I'm Mallory! I started Dreamhouse in 2015 when I moved to Cleveland, Ohio from Los Angeles. That is a sentence I never thought I'd be saying. After being born and raised on an island in Florida, then attending college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, I never thought I'd be running a marketing agency in Cleveland... but here I am, and I'm loving it. 

The combination of my early love for local music, graphic design, event planning, and storytelling led me along a winding career path that included a wide range of experiences: coordinating local community benefit concerts, interning for one of the best event designers in the country, volunteering at the Grammy's and LA Fashion Week, coordinating fundraisers in Beverly Hills where John Legend performed, planning Gloria Steinem's 80th Birthday Party, creating social media strategies for corporate shopping centers in the Greater LA Area, and developing branding for non-profits and small businesses. 

After moving to Cleveland in 2015 and starting Dreamhouse, I've grown to cherish the opportunity to work with small businesses, creatives, artists, non-profits, and brands to help them flourish. I've grown in skills and experience, and my team, in a way that has allowed us to make a real impact on the lives and growth of our clients. It's something that inspires me daily, to work with individuals and groups who have such integrity, work so hard, and truly create community and culture, both in Cleveland and around the world. I feel really blessed to do this work and I challenge myself to continue growing and serving my people better, all the time.

Mallory has a zest for life, love for others and drive to provide the means for those around her to succeed.


Kim Oswald

Brand Storyteller

Hey all! My name is Kim Oswald, I was born and raised in Cleveland then moved to Athens, Ohio and received my degree in Bachelor's of Science in Journalism with a certificate in Diversity Studies from Ohio University.

I have worked for various companies in the past, but the most recent being a local bakery in Athens is what taught me the importance of small business and the power it brings to our communities. While working at Dreamhouse, my skills have blossomed through the real connections and work I’ve done with local businesses in the area. Bringing my love and passion for the communities I’m a part of to work every day is what I love the most. I value standing up for what is just in my personal and professional life because we can all thrive if we work together!

I also have a big, beautiful dog named Blue, and a medium-sized, beautiful dog named Lemon, and you will probably hear about them multiple times within the first 5 minutes of talking to me!

Kim has a passion for helping others succeed, no matter the obstacle.

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