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You see them across town, you like what they have going on... you give a little wink. They smile. So, you gather up the courage to go over there, flirt a little, and ask if they'll go out with you! They say yes... and the next thing you know, they're your client! Wait... that's not how you get your clients? Ok, we don't either, but we do love to joke that we treat our clients like we're dating them! So, here we are to give you our best tips for how to pick up a really hot... business relationship! ;)


Joining your clients in partnership is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable elements of the working relationship. How can you join forces to accomplish joint goals and grow together? When you discover ways to do this, you can come alongside a client and effectively help them! What do you offer as a good or service? Don't just swoop in and think you can change them by your mere existence... team up with them in their journey! We LOVE to do this with our clients by joining their business goals and making them our personal mission!


Mutual Respect

No relationship can stand strong without a foundation of respect. There are so many ways to develop this on an interpersonal and organizational level. How to you show your clients that you value them, their work, their opinions? Do you give them the time and attention required to foster this respect? Respect also comes with qualification; Do you have the knowledge and understanding of your field to back up your work? Being able to prove your worth, with humility, will make you much more respectable to your people. Garnering a healthy dose of mutual respect will help you drastically when you face difficult circumstances and have to figure out creative solutions. Caring about the PEOPLE, and working with the whole picture is crucial to creating sustainable growth in your working relationships.

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Sometimes we fail each other. A client won't deliver the assets we need, or we don't deliver the results they immediately hoped for... these are real things that happen. Being willing and able to take responsibility for our weaknesses and work hard to make it right is important for our relationship to flourish. How can you act with integrity to foster increased trust and understanding? This may be one of the bigger challenges, and certainly least sexy, but it is the bedrock of longevity and cannot be overlooked.



The way we like to "date" our clients the most is by staying connected and loving on them. It looks different with each client. Sometimes it's a proverbial "Good Morning" text just to let them know we love them. Sometimes that means sending a birthday card or Christmas present that will mean a lot to them! Make sure your people feel loved, cared for, and appreciated. Why? Because they're people. They're supporters of YOUR dream too! And, because it's so deeply rewarding. Take a moment right now to let one of your clients know that they're important to you. It will make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

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Besides doing your job and letting them know you love them... go the extra mile for your clients. These people are inviting you to be a part of their lives and stories! If that doesn't inspire and humble you then I don't know what will!

For us, seeing small business owners and creatives dream big and hustle to accomplish their dreams inspires us beyond all else. Anytime we have the opportunity to go to a clients concert or coffee shop, purchase their products, or attend their concerts or events... We're there. And we bring our friends.

Don't kiss up but genuinely love to support your people! It will give you so much joy to be a part of their journey.


How do you make your clients feel special and cared for? What's the craziest thing you've done for a client? Tell us in the comments or via social media!


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