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We love new years... the way it causes us to reflect and create intention is like nothing else. However, over the past few years, January has been a challenging time for our business. After the craziness of the holidays, we're tired, it's cold and dreary out, we're hit with the seasonal depression... Turning the page into the new year is hard. Especially in terms of marketing, January can seem so boring compared to all of the hustle and bustle of November and December... it's like "...what do I even say online now!?" This is why we wanted to write a quick post with a few tips on how to use this time reassess your goals and elevate your marketing for a new year of growth. We are also offering you support to help you make it happen if you need it! This time can be so special in building up your company if you can utilize this moment.


Here are 5 ideas for re-engaging your marketing efforts to pump up the brand:

    Take a step back. Look at what you've been doing on social media and see what works, what doesn't, and how your posts and engagement are helping you reach your goals.
    GOALS. Speaking of goals, this is the first place to start. Do you have clear goals for your social media strategy? Are you seeking to drive website traffic, online sales, in-store visits, generate leads, create brand awareness? These are all measurable goals, so take a look at how well your social media has been serving these goals. If you're interested in learning more about setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound), check out this worksheet here
    ANALYTICS. Spend some time in your Facebook / Instagram Insights and your Twitter Analytics. See what posts are performing, what's getting commented on, shared, clicked on... and what's not? Jot down a few things in "working"/"not working" columns for each platformIMG_5690-a-1and used this to dictate what kind of content to post going forward.
    COMPETITORS. Take a look at what your competitors are doing online. It's important to occasionally keep tabs on how other people are tapping into their audience and may bring some new awareness to what is working or how you can differentiate yourself.
    ASK A PRO. Ask a marketing consultant to take a look at your profiles with you and give feedback on what is working or not. Usually consultants have an hourly rate at which they can spend some time with you to give some pointers or best practices. At Dreamhouse, we offer a few free social media assessment calls per week. We love to chat with organizations about what they're doing and help them maximize what they've got going on. If you're interested, schedule your call today! Book your FREE Social Media Assessment Call here
    After you've taken a look back to reflect on what you've BEEN doing, use that data to engage. Monitoring your social media daily has profound long term benefits and can be felt from the way you build relationships with your audience to the numbers you see on your bottom line. We've created a helpful guide that breaks down all of the basics of social monitoring and gives you a checklist for how to spend only 10 minutes a day engaging with your various platforms. Download it for free:
    Request your Free eBook Download Link
    Time to look to the future! It's so easy to fall into the routine of posting online just to post... you feel obligated or guilty if you're ignoring your Instagram so you just throw something up there. This does not help you grow your brand. To see real impact and make real connections, you gotta be strategic about how you approach your content. When, where, and what you post all have impact. Taking a little time to map out a month or two of posts and outline your upcoming posts will create a social media strategy that supports your business goals and you'll see a much higher return. If you're interested in starting to think ahead and plan content out strategically, there are many helpful guides online for free. We love this one here. If you need a little more help, we're happy to work on this with you. Check out our Strategic Marketing Plan package.
    Pods are small groups created privately on Instagram or Twitter where each user shares their most recent post in the DM's and all the other users like and comment on them. It's a helpful way to boost engagement and create a community of supportive businesses. I've joined many pod's through business Facebook groups. However, we figured it was about time that we started our own pod of business buddies! If you're interested in joining us, click here and we'll add you!

    Marketing is rapidly changing. The way people communicate and engage has evolved. If you want to stay relevant, be seen, and most importantly, actually communicate with your people, you must be creating fresh and beautiful content. This seems frustrating (at best) and sometimes debilitating (at worst) to many small business owners. Ever since the shift to theIMG_6080 algorithm a few years ago, it's not enough to just "be on social media." Now you have to be the prettiest on social media to even be seen. With the ever changing technology, the one thing that stays consistent is that genuine, honest, funny, and beautiful content will alway be valued. We have been working with our clients to develop better visuals to represent the values of their brand and connect with their followers. If you can put your money anywhere in marketing, developing good content is where you're going to see the best return. If you know of a photographer, videographer, or graphic designer who you can hire to work with you on creating strategic content, you will surely reap the benefits in your online connections. If you'd like some help, we spent the second half of 2018 building up relationships with a variety of content artists who we trust to tell brand stories with excellence. If you'd like to do a brand photoshoot or create a compelling video with us, we'd be honored to join you in that process. Get in contact with us here.


That's it! A few pointers, a few resources, and a few ways to connect with us if you need a little more help. We are grateful to be a part of this journey of entrepreneurship, right alongside you. Cheers to a prosperous new year! Let's do this!


Like what you're hearing but need a little more help? Schedule a call with us today and we'll figure how to help you get the ball rolling! 

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