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Well, What is it?

We're hosting a free community workshop for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs on Saturday, July 13th 2019 at Jukebox (1404 W. 29th Street).
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We will address the most common struggles with website, email, and social media marketing
that leave you feeling frustrated. We'll give you directly actionable strategies, and practical tips that will shift your results into real engagement and increased sales.
With other guest speakers invited to participate, this event will be an interactive conversation addressing the real challenges and concerns present in the room and collaboratively discussing actionable solutions that will help business accomplish their specific goals. Each guest will walk away with a directory listing of all attendees contact info, and a practical takeaway guide of best practice and tips for growth.

IMG_5657-1Meet the Partners!

ACCORDING TO BRITTNEY Brittney Moffatt is the CEO of According To Brittney - a creative content agency. She is an award-winning content writer and social media strategist who helps entrepreneurs grow their influence, visibility and engaged audience through consistent, lead-generating content! Her mission is to help women find their voice and speak confidently and authentically about their mission.
DISTILLATION STUDIOS Co-Founders Bryan Robinson and Remy Garaeu have formed Distillation Studios -- dedicated group of filmmakers and digital media specialists that want to help you tell your story. We work with you and your budget to distill your vision down to its purest form.
Free appetizers provided by Jukebox and coffee will also be available for all attendees.
Register for the workshop here!

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